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In keeping true to our service delivery model of edutainment, the workshop is delivered in a fun and interactive manner. The methods of teaching include facilitator-pupil discussion, pupil-pupil discussion, an interactive quiz, videos, 90 minutes of  fun tasks and visual impact techniques. Post session, each school will get a poster to act as a constant reminder of the sessions key messages.

*Please note, in order to facilitate all schools requesting this popular workshop, it will be running throughout the whole of November (this is the month in which anti- bullying has a focus).

However, we are offering this option throughout the rest of the academic year, as we strongly believe that anti- bullying should be a message that is delivered all year round.

Confidence 1

The pupils will comprehend what exactly constitutes bullying behaviour and the conditions that need to be in place for bullying to occur. They will understand what does not constitute bullying and the pain that accusing bullying in the wrong can have. Further, they will explore the four different forms of bullying behaviour.

Control 1

Within this section, the children will become aware of the impact their words and actions can have on other pupils. They will be challenged to see things from the perspective of others, in turn raising their levels of empathy.

Letting Go

With an understanding of what exactly constitutes bullying behaviour, the pupils will look at the most productive ways of eradicating potential bullying within their school environment. This includes methods of supporting other pupils being bullied and how to highlight it to relevant people in the school. The session emphasises that together we are stronger.

Exam Simulation

The pupils will realise that it is normal to see things differently. They will learn skills in how to respect other points of view. They will be taught the technique of active listening and become aware that it’s ok to agree to disagree.


We at HIP have devised a fun and interactive workshop to educate pupils on this important topic.

This is a high energy session is split into the following sections;

  • The conditions that facilitate bullying, i.e what bullying is and what bullying is not.
  • Different types of bullying.
  • Steps to take if they are personally or know of someone being bullied.
  • The impact their behaviour and words can have on others.

Pupils will also learn skills in;

  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
Take part

To host this programme at your school fill out our enquiry form at the bottom of the page or call: 07801537015 or via email: [email protected]


Our aim is to inspire, educate and have a lot of fun along the way.

Our passion lies in helping people to increase their well-being and performance.

We do this by teaching practical and evidence-based strategies

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What our clients say

Carrs Glen Ps, Belfast

Carrs Glen Ps, Belfast

“We engaged in HIP sessions focusing on self-esteem and resilience. We found the experience to be very successful and it was very motivational for our children. On the back of this initial session we had HIP back to delver to Primary 5s around antibullying.”

Cumran Primary School

Cumran Primary School

“Excellent and inspiring workshops that are always pitched at the appropriate level. Our pupils, staff and parents have all benefitted hugely from the different sessions that HIP has delivered.”

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