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Giving children the right tools to tackle anxiety

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“Anxiety, particularly after lockdown and covid. Children are presenting as anxious about things that beforehand would not have bothered them.”

“Due to lockdowns, current Key Stage Two pupils missed out on the building blocks that are essential for future education – There is a huge increase in anxiety levels.”

These are direct quotes from a recent survey we sent out to Primary School teachers. In addition to this, a staggering 75% made reference to anxiety issues within their pupils. This aligns with stats reporting an increase in anxiety levels by 40%.

This has inspired us at HIP Psychology to develop a workshop in which we will focus on the area of anxiety. By the end of this fun-filled and action-packed online 75-minute workshop, pupils will:

-Understand what anxiety is, that it is a common experience and has different causes of it.

-What happens to our bodies and minds when we experience it?

-Be educated on the difference between helpful and unhelpful anxieties.

-Be taught powerful evidence-based tools to help them manage and overcome unhelpful anxieties.

Our P4-P7 workshop will focus on the following five crucial pillars:


We will explore with pupils the different types of anxieties, including real v imagined, big v small and long-term v short-term. We will also look at the impact anxiety can have on our bodies and minds


Through classroom discussion and relatable examples, pupils will understand that anxiety can be a relatively common feeling. It can effect different people at different times in different ways.

Adapt to Change
Helpful and Unhelpful

We will uncover how anxiety can lead to helpful behaviours such as motivation, it can also lead to unhelpful behaviours such as avoidance

Focus on Strengths
Pupil Tool Kit

We will teach four evidence-based practical strategies that pupils can use to manage and overcome unhelpful anxiety. Twinkl created follow-up activities that will help embed workshop strategies.

Divise a Routine
Staff Tool Kit

Staff will receive follow-up resources they can independently utilize to embed best practices within the culture of their classroom

How we teach

To emphasise key messages and embed our core teachings, we will incorporate the following within our workshop.

  • Exploration of real life scenarios
  • Relatable examples
  • A fun quiz
  • Powerful videos
  • Relevant discussion


HIP Psychology - Excelling with Pressure

By the end of  the workshop, your pupils will be thought evidence-based strategies

  • Belly-breathing
  • Grounding
  • Connection
  • Speaking up

Be ready for an action filled 75 minutes

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