Three Pillars To Pupil Growth

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HIP Psychology - Excelling with Pressure


By the end of this fun-filled, interactive and educational 80 minutes, we will have educated your pupils on three key pillars of growth:

  1. Growing Through Setbacks 
  2. Growing Our Emotional Wellbeing
  3. Growing Together.


Our workshop covers the following three areas of growth

Focus on Strengths
Growing Through Setbacks

Pupils will come to realise that setbacks provide an opportunity for growth as long as they are prepared to learn from them.

The workshop will explore the difference between ‘blame’ and ‘responsibility’ and how through the later pupils can use setbacks as method to improve.

We will examine typical setbacks a Key Stage Two pupil may face and what a ‘growth response’ will look like.

Making new friends
Growing Emotionally.

The workshop will examine the ‘big 5 of emotions.’ By the end of the workshop pupils will be able to recognise and name each of these emotions.

The session will also explore the Thoughts-Emotions-Actions cycle (TEA Time) and pupils will understand that often actions and behaviours can be dictated by how they choose to perceive a situation.

We will discuss a number of typical classroom-based scenarios, with pupils realising that real power lies in how they choose to view a situation.

Letting Go
Growing Together

Pupils will come to see the importance of being a ‘team player’ and how we act towards others can impact how they feel and perform.

We will examine what a good team player looks like and pupils will come to realise how they can be a great ‘team player in the classroom.’

The Key Stage 2 children will fully comprehend the impact both behaviour and emotions can have on others and we promote the message that both are 'contagious.'

How we teach

To emphasise key messages and embed our core teachings, we will incorporate the following within our ‘Megathon Extravaganza’

  • Exploration of typical school scenarios
  • Relatable examples
  • A fun quiz
  • Powerful and funny videos
  • Relevant discussion

HIP Psychology - Excelling with Pressure

By the end of this session, your pupils will have developed the following core skills.

  • Self-awareness
  • Team work
  • Empathy
  • Awareness of the impact of their behaviour on others
  • Emotional understanding

Be ready for an action filled 80 minutes

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