Enhancing Resilience:

Developing resilience & emotional Intelligence

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We see resilience as ‘the ability to keep our minds healthy.’ We teach pupils practical strategies they can implement within their weekly routine to allow them to develop their levels of resilience. This is particularly important during challenging times.

This workshop gives pupils the tools to increases their levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI). EI is a crucial indicator of how successful one is within their life.

This is an interactive workshop that is grounded on evidence-based strategies which are delivered in a practical fashion. This is an experience your pupils will love.

Our Enhancing Resilience Workshop Will Cover The Following Four Key Areas

Hunt the good
Hunt the good

We will teach the pupils the importance of seeking out the good in each day and how this can impact us positively and keep ‘our minds healthy’.


Pupils will understand the impact their actions can have on others. We teach pupils that kindness helps develop our resilience.


We challenge pupils to put themselves in the shoes of others. Pupils will explore how empathy builds strong friendships.

Non-verbal recognition

We highlight the importance of being able to recognise others’ emotions by looking at what ‘they aren’t saying’.
This is a crucial skill that we all need to develop.

How we teach

To emphasise key messages and embed our core teachings, we will incorporate the following within our ‘Enhancing Resilience Workshop’


  • Exploration of classroom-based scenarios
  • Pupil-facilitator discussions
  • Relatable stories
  • A competitive and fun quiz
  • Powerful videos

By the end of the enhancing resilience workshop, your pupils will have developed the following core skills

  • Empathy
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork

Be ready for a fun-filled and educational experience

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