Post-Primary School, Online Staff Development, Megathon Extravaganza, 2022

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To allow us to meet the high demand for our services over this week of the school calendar, we have decided to move our staff development support online.

Over the last two years, we have delivered over 25 online staff development workshops with great success

Schools will have two options: Option A (A double session, 1. morning-break, 2. after break-lunch) or  Option B (A single session, afternoon).  We will cover the areas of resilience, maintaining balance, and adaptability.


The workshop will cover the following. Option A=half day (2 workshops). Option B=Afternoon Slot (1 workshop)

Hunt the good
Hunt The Good

*Covered in Option A.

We look at the power of regularly reflecting on the good in relation to enhancing our resilience levels. Staff will do a group task on this based on best practices from Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand Prime Minister) and the US Military.

We will also examine how teachers can embed this practice within the culture they set in their

Letting Go
Together Stronger

*Covered in Option A

We highlight how creating a culture of helping and kindness both amongst staff and children alike creates an environment of resilience.

We work with the idea that 'it is better to work smarter together than harder alone', this is demonstrated through a popular and TV quiz-inspired fun task.

Your Own Example

*Covered in Option A

Resilience is an interaction between the person and the environment. We highlight to staff that the key tenant in class leadership is 'your own example'.

We will conclude what excellence will look like over the next academic year and mirror this up to staff behaviours and actions.

Confidence 2
A Mindful Ten

*Covered in Option A

We explore how stress can interfere with the emotional part of our brain, the amygdala, leading to negative outcomes.

An evidence-based method of controlling the amygdala is mindfulness.

We will provide staff with the opportunity to experience mindfulness, with a 'take 10' exercise.
This may be a practice some of your staff take forward to help manage stress.

Uncover & Play To Your Strengths

* Covered in Option A and B

The ability to live and play to our strengths is at the core of human flourishing. Through peer-to-peer feedback each member of staff will leave with an understanding of their super strength. Additionally, we will highlight how they can live this strength with two key follow-up points. We also explore a practical classroom-based exercise to highlight strengths within pupils.

Maintaining Life Balance

*Covered in Option A and B

We see life as being like a table, the objective for any table is to stay stable, in order for this to occur strong legs are needed.

This is the same for staff, we highlight the three legs that they need to keep strong. 1. Health. 2. FFF (Family, Friends, Fun) 3. Professional.

Staff will leave having set themselves a non-negotiable behaviour that will aid them in keeping their 'table stable.' We will touch on habit formation with the aim of empowering staff to create positive change in their lives.

Exam Simulation
Develop An Adaptable Mindset

*Covered in Option A and B

We will explore with staff the four different mindsets that humans can lean into.

Whilst we all have a preferred mindset style, we will highlight the importance of tapping into the appropriate mindset dependent upon the circumstances we face.

This ability to think in these terms will ultimately enhance decision-making.

We take the staff on a fun hypothetical expedition up Everest to help bring this part to life

Below is an outline of the experience staff will receive.

We place a high emphasis on creating high audience engagement, whereby we strive to create a highly enjoyable workshop, with staff taking away practical tools which they can use to develop in a personal and professional capacity. We take an evidence-based approach whereby all our teaching are grounded in robust research.

  • High participant engagement
  • An enjoyable experience
  • Classroom startegies
  • School wide strategies
  • Personal strategies

Format and finer details

We are running the Staff Development over the following dates in August:

Tuesday 23rd, Thursday 25th


Option A, Sessions 1 9.15-10.30, Coffee break 10.30-10.45, Session 2, 10.45-12

Option B, Afternoon. One workshop. 1-2.20

Option A, £565 for 60 staff, for every member of staff after an additional £10.

Option B, £360 for 60 staff, for every member of staff after an additional £5.

*All prices are exclusive of VAT


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