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Strategies to enhance well-being and adaptively respond to setbacks.

HIP Psychology - Resilience


We see resilience as the “ability to maintain levels of well-being and performance functioning when under pressure.” We also look at it as “the ability to handle setbacks in a rational manner.” By the end of the session, the pupils will be taught evidence-based, practical strategies to enhance their resilience. We do this through the powerful theme of “release your human hero.” If you choose to become involved, a captivating and high octane session awaits your pupils.

A fun and engaging ninety-minute workshop that covers key life skills; resilience, work ethic and self-esteem. The method of delivery includes learning from famous role models, videos, visual impact techniques, tasks and discussions (pupil-pupil and facilitator-pupil). The workshop will integrate cutting-edge research on resilience (Martin Seligmann) and growth mindset (Carol Dweck).

Study Methods
Hunt The Good

We teach the pupils the power of finding good in every day. This creates a more optimistic way of viewing situations; a powerful habit to support their well-being.

Letting Go
Be Kind

We explore the power in helping others. Selfless acts are a method of releasing serotonin which is a chemical that increases resilience. The pupils are invited to think of ways they can make a difference to the lives of others by being kind

Focus on Strengths
Develop a 'Challenge Mindset'

Through a fun activity, pupils learn how to deal with challenges. We highlight the power in embracing challenges that stretch us. We also emphasize the message of “find a way” as a method of getting around obstacles

Adaptive Response
Adaptive Response

Within this section, pupils come to comprehend that setbacks are an inevitable part of life. We explore both productive and maladaptive responses to setbacks and the outcomes that each response will produce.

Power of Perception

The pupils uncover the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The session highlights that behaviour is often determined our thoughts. The workshop explores typical scenarios that occur in school and how perceptions influence behaviour.

How we teach

By the end of this session participants will leave with robust strategies to enhance their levels of resilience.

The workshop will teach pupils:

  • How to produce our ‘superhero’ serotonin, which will fight the ‘bad guy’ cortisol.
  • Tools to increase resilience including the concepts of ‘hunting the good’ and ‘being selfless.’
  • The power in developing a ‘challenge mindset’. (to be adaptable when met with challenges.)
  • That at times, events can happen to us that we can’t control, however we can always control our response.
  • A child friendly and fun approach to the powerful psychological framework of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). They will understand the power their thoughts can have on their behaviour.

Pupils will develop skills of:

  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Self-awareness

We bring you a highly impactful 80 minute workshop

Our aim is inspire, educate and have a lot of fun along the way.

Our passion lies in helping people to increase their well-being and performance.

We do this by teaching practical and evidence-based strategies

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What our clients say

Carrs Glen Ps, Belfast

Carrs Glen Ps, Belfast

“We engaged in HIP sessions focusing on self-esteem and resilience. We found the experience to be very successful and it was very motivational for our children. On the back of this initial session we had HIP back to delver to Primary 5s around antibullying.”

Cumran Primary School

Cumran Primary School

“Excellent and inspiring workshops that are always pitched at the appropriate level. Our pupils, staff and parents have all benefitted hugely from the different sessions that HIP has delivered.”

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