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Dispel the myth of cramming

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Pupils will understand the importance of effective study and how to do it. The session will cover both study techniques and methods. By the end of the session, the students will have a template of how to store information into their long term memory. They will also comprehend ‘study blocks, which will make the process of study scheduling more simplistic, allowing them to be more efficient with their time.

The workshop will complement research with fun activities and powerful examples from politics, sport and show business. Small group discussions and tasks will be utilised within this interactive workshop.

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The workshop will take the pupils through our three phases of revision. Learning. Retaining and Performing. Phase 1: Learning, Phase 2: Retaining , and Phase 3: Performing.

Study Component 2: Rest

Pupils will realise the power of ‘recharging their batteries’ within each block of their study schedule. A number of different effective rest techniques will be taught to the students.
All techniques are scientifically proven to aid with stress management or memory retention.

Adapt to Change

There will be a strong emphasis on cementing information into the long term memory. Different review methods that facilitate this process will be taught to the pupils.

High Level Collaboration

The session will explore different methods to ensure pupils understand how to prepare their body and mind to consistently meet excellence. How you perform is a direct reflection on how you prepare.


HIP delivers fun, evidence-based workshops that teaches students practical strategies to allow them to excel. We cover the four following themes.

  • Dispel the myth of cramming
  • The HIP revisit-rest-review study model
  • From learning to long term memory
  • Work hard, smart and consistently



Our aim is inspire, educate and have a lot of fun along the way. Our passion lies in helping people to increase their well-being and performance.

We do this by teaching practical and evidence-based strategies

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What our clients say

Down High School, Downpatrick

Down High School, Downpatrick

We first had HIP Psychology in our school working with our year 14 girls around managing exam pressures. On the back of this successful workshop, we invited HIP Psychology back in to deliver modules to our students around exam preparation and motivation. We have found all sessions to be hugely inspiring and highly beneficial to our students. We would recommend HIP Psychology services to other schools.

Mr. Gareth McKillen, Vice Principal

Royal Belfast Academical Institute

Royal Belfast Academical Institute

The HIP Psychology pre-exam study skills session was of great benefit to our year 12 pupils. The session helped them develop robust strategies to add value to their preparation, revision and learning environment. There was a nice balance between interaction and group work, which led to high levels of pupil engagement.
Mr. Sam Gamble, Learning Mentor Year 12

St Colman’s College, Newry

St Colman’s College, Newry

Our year 13 boys and the year 13 girls from Our Lady’s Grammar jointly took part in a HIP motivation workshop. The pupils came away from the session with a greater focus, the ability to prioritise and a sense of purpose for the year ahead. The workshop was very practical with the boys and girls able to relate to it. The session was interactive, educational and enjoyable

Ms. Victoria Archer, Head of Year

St Columbanus’ College, Bangor

St Columbanus’ College, Bangor

HIP delivered workshops to our pupils on different occasions, including sessions to year 9, year
11 and year 12 groups. Although the various sessions focused on different themes, the common thread throughout was a workshop that  the pupils could relate to and found enjoyable. The important strategies and key messages taught had a massive impact on our students in the classroom and beyond.

Mrs. Claire Mc Mahon, Head of Year 12

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