Republic of Ireland, 6th class: Post-Primary Prep, Online Megathon Extravaganza

A 75 minute taster session. Helping your pupils embrace the changes and challenges of 'big school'

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Our 6th class online workshop will help give your pupils tools to embrace the changes and challenges that await them in the next step in their educational journey.

This is a fun, interactive and practical online workshop where we will focus on helping equip your pupils to meet the new scenarios that ‘big school’ will provide.

The overall aim of the ‘HIP Transitions Workshop’ is to have pupils view the move to post-primary through the lens of excitement, rather than the lens of worry.

The dates for our megathon include:

Wednesday 17th May- 11-12.15

Tuesday 23rd May- 1.30-2.45

Tue 30th May – 9:15-10:30

Friday 2nd June- 11-12.15

The 6th Class Post-Primary Prep Workshop Will Focus On The Following Four Areas

Timetable Understanding
Mapping The Week

The pupils will work through a standard post-primary timetable. This will allow the opportunity to practice reading ‘the map of their week’.

Confidence 2
Work The Clock

We will help your pupils create a ‘big school’ routine, starting from bed time to first bell and everything in between.

Study Methods
What If….? Then I:

We will discuss new scenarios that may occur in a post-primary school setting and what a good response to these will look like.

Letting Go
Building Friendships

We teach pupils the important skill of active listening. This is a key component in developing emotional intelligence, empathy and fostering relationships with others.

How we teach?

To emphasize key messages and embed our core teachings, we will incorporate the following within our ‘Transitions Workshop’

  • Real-life post-primary scenario based discussions
  • Powerful videos
  • A fun quiz
  • Highly relevant practical tasks

The workshop focuses on developing the following core skills:

  • Organisation
  • Scenario planning
  • Empathy
  • Confidence

Be ready for an action filled 75 minutes

HIP Psychology - Excelling with Pressure

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Republic of Ireland, 6th Class, Post-Primary Prep Online Megathon Extravaganza.

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