Year 8: Ready For Action:

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 A fun, interactive and highly engaging workshop awaits your new Year 8s. By the end of this workshop, they will have developed skills to make their transition a smoother process. We will help them excitedly view the changes and new challenges that await them in the next step in their educational journey.


Adaptive Response

We explore the importance of creating a ‘big school’ routine and how this differs slightly from primary school. We examine from ‘bedtime to first bell and everything in between.’ Within section, we will highlight the vital role sleep plays in well-being and focus. Finally, pupils will be quizzed on key components of a school timetable as they attempt to make sense of this new change. (We will bespoke this to your school.)

Adaptive Response

Pupils will understand the importance of taking responsibility as they get older and more independent. This will involve a practical element in particular around managing workloads and prioritisation.

Adaptive Response

We explore the new friendships year 8s are building and some of the challenges they might face such as peer pressure and how to overcome this. We highlight to pupils the connection between thoughts-emotions-action and the power of taking a step back to examine different perspectives of the same situations.


It is our objective to create a fun, interactive and highly educational experience for your Year 8 pupils. Our workshop contains practical tasks, a fun quiz, small group discussions with relatable and relevant examples, It is a fast-paced workshop that will keep your pupils entertained throughout.



  • A structure and sense of control over their school day.
  • The ability to plan and prioritise
  • Relationship building skills
  • An ability to examine a situation from more than one angle


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