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All our workshops are delivered in an interactive format with a mix of presenter led delivery, group tasks, discussions, the use of video and real-life examples to reinforce key messages. We utilise cutting- edge research, staff will take away practical strategies to add value to themselves, your pupils and your school.

Our workshops can be used for twilight training, as part of individual school CPD or cluster sessions (options 1, 2 and 3 only).

Stress Management

We define stress as ‘perceived demands outweighing perceived resources.’ In this workshop, staff explore six effective strategies to help bring balance to their stress experience.

High Level Collaboration

This workshop uncovers the five keys to ensuring staff collaboration is at a premium. They include impact of work, meaning of work, structure and clarity, dependability, and psychological safety. Staff will commit to implementing bespoke strategies to ensure they are truly working as a team.

Effective Communication

Staff will learn methods that lead to functional communication. They will explore techniques in the art
of listening and the impact this can have in developing relationships. The participants will understand how to deliver and receive fair criticism. The workshop will examine the outcomes that different forms of praise can have. The session will look at different ways of responding and how these can strengthen relationships.

Culture of Excellence

We see culture as ‘how we do things around here.’ Through group tasks and discussion, staff will establish the daily behaviours that will lead to an overall standard of excellence for their school.


Our aim is inspire, educate and have a lot of fun along the way.

Our passion lies in helping people to increase their well-being and performance.

We do this by teaching practical and evidence-based strategies

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Getting Your Team On The Same Page

What our clients say

Carrs Glen Ps, Belfast

Carrs Glen Ps, Belfast

“We engaged in HIP sessions focusing on self-esteem and resilience. We found the experience to be very successful and it was very motivational for our children. On the back of this initial session we had HIP back to delver to Primary 5s around antibullying.”

Hazelwood Integrated Primary School, Belfast

Hazelwood Integrated Primary School, Belfast

After our anti-bullying work with HIP, we now have a group of children who are aware of their behavior and how this impacts on others’ lives. This is a very important concept for us as we are developing young citizens. The success of this session led to us going through the HIP transition program.

Mrs. Patricia Murtagh, Principal

Portrush Primary School

Portrush Primary School

Our staff enjoyed a half-day HIP program focussing on culture and the ingredients needed for excellence. The day was facilitated with understanding, clarity, and humour. It left us with robust processes, goals, and plenty to think about going forward.

Mr. Carwyn Guy, Principal 

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