Year 10, Taking The Next Step

Helping Year 10 Pupils Smoothly Transition Into Key Stage 4

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In Year 10 pupils will make crucial decisions that can shape the path they take in life. We will help your pupils consider their decisions by helping them understand the psychology behind motivation.

Additionally, with a step up in workload from year 10 to 11 and having the skills to cope with this transition is crucial. This workshop will teach pupils practical skills to allow them to enhance productivity and work smarter. Further, we will guide pupils through our highly effective study skills model.

An interactive, practical, fun experience awaits your pupils.

Adapt to Change
Making Good Decisions

At the core of human motivation is 'our why'. Central to this lie our strengths and passions. We will help pupils explore each and encourage them to align these to long-term (career) and short-term (Year 11 subjects) choices. We uncover 'sheep thinking' as something to avoid.

Exam Simulation
Enhancing Learning

We teach pupils how to work 'smarter.'

We firstly explore the psychological relationship between environment and behaviour and focus on four environmental tips that lead to maximum productivity.

We secondly uncover how our brains work better in shorter chunks and how we can become more productive through breaking our work into 'bursts.'

Study Methods
The HIP Study Skills Model

We teach pupils our 'from learning to the long-term memory study skills model. We bright your pupils through its four key steps.
1. Make sense of it.
2. What's Important
3. Own it
4.Simplify it

Taking the next step- Preparing Year 10 Pupils For The Transition To Key Stage 4

It is our objective to create a fun, interactive and highly educational experience for your Year 10 pupils. Our workshop contains powerful stories, relatable and relevant examples, a fun quiz, practical tasks, video, and small group discussions. It is a fast-paced workshop that will keep your pupils entertained throughout.

This workshop will achieve the following:

  • Guide pupils decision-making process
  • Help pupils enhance productivity
  • Show pupils how to study more effectively
  • Create a fun, interactive learning experience for pupils


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